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A Note From D

It’s funny how my life has turned out ever since my brand dUCk was born. From being the ultimate Daddy’s girl, I have now been forced to be a mature businesswoman / adult / no-longer-a-child, expected to make good decisions in life. Story of your life too, perhaps? My name is something longer, but you can just call me D. .
I am a 20-something year old woman who, probably just like you, is finding her path in this life. As I enter the adult phase of my life, I am also trying to find my independence; I live in my own apartment, and quite recently bought my first ever car too! That was a scary document to sign.
Just like you, I am struggling to find a balance between my work and personal life. Much to my mother’s frustration, I am still single and not married. I have the most adorable white cat I named Snowy, who my mother refuses to accept as a “grandchild”. My best friends Hannah and Carey keep trying to set me up with single guys they know, but I’m too engrossed in work, so we’ll see where my love life will take me.

When you follow dUCk, you will be following my life too. There, I constantly update you with my life and travel adventures, my ups and downs, my highs and lows. Some days I’m being interviewed by the media on TV, some days I’m heating up microwave dinners at home, my life is just unpredictable and that’s the way I like it!

I have been asked time and time again from everyone whether or not I’m real or I’m fictional. That is something I will never reveal so let’s just keep it as a mystery, huh?