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About dUCk

dUCk was born out of the love for well-branded scarves. With the modern city girl in mind, dUCk wants to convey the message that wearing scarves should be a celebrated act among women, whether Muslim or not. The dUCk brand revolves around a character named D and the evolution of dUCk goes hand in hand with her life and adventures, which are shown in illustration form.

Founded by popular blogger Vivy Yusof, dUCk launched on May 5th 2014 and since then has risen quickly in its popularity among scarf-wearers. Unique in presentation and packaging, dUCk is known to be different from the rest, something the team at dUCk take very seriously.

Every scarf has a special hem detailing and comes with a shiny dUCk charm, making it stand out from the rest. dUCk scarves are also favourites as gifts as every scarf purchase comes in a gorgeous hard box decoratively tied with dUCk’s very own grosgrain ribbon. At the dUCk studio, each scarf goes through a lengthy QC process before it gets approved for sale to dUCk customers.

dUCk specialises in Premium Basics, a collection of  plain scarves made from various luxe fabrics as well as Prints – limited edition designs for special collections from time to time. The Premium Basic scarves come in dUCk’s signature purple box, while the limited edition Prints come in their own unique boxes.