2021 Planner


We’re turning the leaf into 2021 already, can you believe it? As we call for another finale, the next agenda for us is to reflect on things we have done, get inspired for the next big step so it’s time to march on with your new dUCk Planner!
I’m a huge, HUGE planner and I guess it’s the daily feeling of success, be it crossing off trivial tasks, schedules, to-do lists or a major goal, it makes me all giddy and proud to achieve something I had in mind. The best is there are 365 days; each day awaits to be written, and the pen? It’s in your hands.
May the planner remind you to take it one day at a time and let’s make 2021 ours, dUCkies!
  • Cover: H 19.5cm x L 13.7cm
  • Pages: H 18cm x L 11.9cm