Nylon Laptop Bag


You'll never be late to work, just fashionably on time and raring to go when you’ve got the dUCk Nylon Laptop Bag on your arm. This chic multi-functional laptop bag isn’t just a looker, it’s practical as can be and water-resistant so you won’t have to cry over spilt milk (or tea!).
It’s also got a whole lot more space and compartments, so you can neatly place your laptop charger, earphones, cables, power bank, thumb drives, and any other gadgets you may need inside. Now you can go to work, like a boss!
  • Nylon with Faux Leather handle and straps

  • Height: 270 mm
  • Length: 370 mm
  • Depth: 50 mm
  • Strap: 900 mm