Reed Diffuser

Fruit Punch

If you’ve been to my home, then the one thing you’ll notice is my love for reed diffusers. I absolutely love the way it is able to diffuse its scent all day long and at the same act as a really classy decorative feature.
A reviving and refreshing scent to lift the spirits! The delightful tickle of the nose begins with exquisite blend of floral and fruits - this scent is blooming beautiful. Infused with Apple, Red Berries, Sandalwood and Pear Blossom for that sense of stress relieving, relaxation and balancing.
dUCk’s Home and Living range encapsulates my love for all things that beautify our homes, and our dUCk Reed Diffusers do just that. Made from synthetic fibre, these reeds draw up the aromatic oil and release the infused scents delicately into your home space. Poured into dUCk’s custom-made purple glass bottle, each set of dUCk Reed Diffuser comes with 12 white fibre reeds and are tissue packed it its own custom gift box, making them oh-so-perfect as gifts too!
  • Comes in dUCk’s custom-made purple glass
  • Placed in its own custom gift box
  • Infused with Carrier Base Oil, Aroma Oil, Dipropylene Glycol & Rubbing Alcohol
  • Synthetic fibre reeds
  • 110ml / 3.71 FL .Oz