Scented Candle

Fruit Punch

I've always loved the calming effect of a comforting scent wafting in my home, coupled with the hypnotic dance of a soft flame - there’s just something about it that makes my home cosy and complete.
I can’t help but to recreate this scent because it reminded me so much of my childhood! The sweet smell always gives me the sense of happiness. This Hot Cross Buns scent is infused with Lemon, Cinnamon, Gardenia, Patchouli and Vanilla for that sense of relaxation, warmth and balance.
dUCk’s Home and Living range encapsulates my love for all things that beautify our homes, and this is a definite must-have. Each dUCk scented candle is hand-crafted and packed with a gorgeous blend of essential oils that will gently infuse your space with its luxurious yet delicate scent and aroma. Poured into dUCk’s custom-made purple candle glass and then placed within its own custom gift box, these classy candles are perfect as gifts!
  • Exclusive blend of Palm Oil Wax
  • Comes in dUCk’s custom-made purple candle glass
  • Placed in its own custom gift box