The 2020 dUCk


2020 is a year no one saw coming. The best way to describe it is: QR codes! The 2020 dUCk Collection pays tribute to this and lets us celebrate our time with you. Since we’re scanning everywhere we go, let’s scan once more to find delight with the most digital dUCk ever.
Within The 2020 dUCk scarf, you’ll find a celebratory mix of milestones, special collaborations, candid fun and laughter from some of our favourite highlights of the year. Comes with a hanging dUCk charm, the QR code design isn’t all; trace little dUCk silhouettes and our signature logo across the scarf. Wherever you are, you’ll have the best virtual recap of our year together, so scan away and we’ll meet at our happy place!
  • Satin Silk

  • Width: 68cm
  • Length: 173cm

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