The Ramadhan Collection

As a young D, I never quite appreciated Ramadhan, it meant fasting from all my favourite food and drinks. Those were tough times, and who could blame a little girl for sneaking in a bite or two.. right? Shhh.

Anyway, fast forward many years on, and I am (finally) able to appreciate the importance and significance of Ramadhan, and as it approaches this year, I begin to prepare myself both physically and spiritually for an entire month of fasting - not just from food, but also of thought, speech and overall behavior - It is in this preparation that I was inspired to create The Ramadhan Collection.

The fully black and white collection is my way of honouring the purity of Ramadhan, but I also wanted to inject new elements, with my play of crystals and lace. Keeping it unassuming, yet elegant, I hope my first ever Ramadhan Collection follows you throughout your Ramadhan journey.

Wishing you a most blessed Ramadhan my dearest dUCkies.



PS. OH! Did I mention this collection also features our FIRST EVER customized Swarovski in the shape of a dUCk? SWOOOOON!

Lace chiffon

Chiffon Lace

Lace ss

Satin Silk Lace

mss swarovski

Matte Satin Silk Swarovski

swarovski chiffon

Chiffon Swarovski